Yoga is an art and science that brings about a harmonious balance between the body and the mind, in perfect sync with nature. People all over the world have become diligent followers of Yogasanan and are practicing it to maintain their inner peace and physical fitness.
But, will it be a good deal to keep oneself pure and contaminate the environment? Unfortunately, those who are using yoga mats that are made up of synthetic rubber and PVC are doing so. This is where Grip International presents itself as the best Yoga Mats Manufacturer in Delhi and specializes in the manufacturing of Natural and Eco-Friendly yoga mats and accessories.
Apart from being exceptionally eco-friendly, the yoga mats from Grip International are known for their non-slip texture and high-quality material as well. Thus irrespective of your skill level and irrespective of the toughness of the Yoga Asanas, these mats will hold you firmly against the ground and supports your actions like an expert.

Features of Yoga Mats from Grip International:


Grip International makes use of an advanced technical process in creating its distinguished collection of world-class yoga mats. These mats are manufactured with the help of the finest grade of basic material in compliance with all the latest market trends.


The Yoga mats from Grip International are available in a number of colors. And thus you can choose the mats with respect to the environment you are performing yoga such as subtle colors for indoor yoga practice and bright and vivid colors for outdoor practice.


These Yoga mats are made from high-quality EVA foam and thus are extremely soft to use. This material will support the ankle and the joints irrespective of the position you adapt to perform the asana. The muscles also will feel less fatigued when you perform against a soft base and this helps with prolonged yoga without any discomfort.


The yoga mats from Grip International are available in different thicknesses as well. You can choose a normal mat for your indoor yoga classes and a thicker counterpart when you perform Yoga on the beach or park. This helps in rendering exceptional protection for the exposed body parts against grass, sand, and other elements.

Resistance to dirt:

As these mats are made up of EVA foam or Ethylene Vinyl Acetate foam along with blended co-polymers, they render exceptional vibration and impact absorption properties. They are also resistant to splash, oil, and dirt. And their non-slip surface ensures that they offer a good floor grip and a strong base for performing Yoga. These mats are surface washable as well and will not endure any damage in the process.


Despite all these exceptional features, the Yoga mats from Grip International is extremely lightweight and are easily portable. You can easily carry these mats to the gym, yoga class, or any outdoor event without any hassle.

Size options:

Users can choose between six size options and thickness options when choosing their yoga mat from the best yoga mats manufacturers in Delhi.

The available thickness options are,

  • 4-10 MM
  • 6-10 MM
  • 8-10 MM

The available Size options are,

  • 24x72x78 inches
  • 28x72x78 inches
  • 30x72x78 inches
  • 26x72x78 inches
  • 36x72x78 inches

You can order your preferred mats online and Grip International assures the quickest response from their end and the fastest shipping process so that you get your product within no time.

Advantages of Choosing Grip International:

Apart from enduring exceptional properties and qualities in the Yoga mat, Grip International strives to offer its clients the best quality products that endure excellent durability and supremacy. This is a trusted brand in the segment of sports, health, and fitness and serves very hard to meet the needs of the customers consistently. Apart from yoga mats, they also supply a number of sports essentials and accessories that stand out of the box each time.
You only have to choose the style, color, and design of the yoga mat and be assured that the product reaches your home within the least time frame. Being the best yoga mats manufacturers in Delhi, you can be sure of the quality of the product and the nature of its build. And most importantly all these credible features in a yoga mat come to you at a very affordable and economical price.