Auto Sanitizer Dispenser With Kiosk

Using hand sanitizers has become paramount in office spaces and commercial establishments in lieu of the current global pandemic to save people from transmitting the infection from their hands to the nose and mouth. This auto sanitizer dispensing machine with kiosk helps in touch free sanitization of people’s hands with its automatic sanitizer dispensing system. It has been built with an intelligent sensory system that dispenses about 2-3 ml of the antimicrobial solution every time when the user puts their hand inside the kiosk.

It also has an intuitive screen that can be used for promoting any product or brand or to warn people with health related content. And you will be able to control the unit remotely by accessing its centralized control system. This unit is available at a capacity of 20 liters, but can be improvised to accommodate multiple tanks and variant screen sizes. This Auto sanitizer dispensing system comes with a one-year warranty and a free remote license for 12 months.


– One year warranty
– Sensor-based system
– Centralized control system
– Available up to 20 ltr capacity
– Free remote license for one year
– Touch-free system to maintain Hygiene
– Beautiful look to the suit office environment
– Available in multiple tank and screen size
– Promote any product and content over the screen at will
– Auto Dispenser with kiosk providing 2 to 3 ml per dispense