Yoga Bolster

Grip Yoga Bolster

Product Description

Our bolsters have been the industry standard in performance and quality.

They combine just the right amount of inner strength and stability with a comfy, soft surface that will give you years of unsurpassed service.

The Round Bolster is a great size to place under your knees in Savasana or across your lap in a Seated Forward Bend.

Choose from a variety of beautiful, sturdy, upholstery-grade fabrics. The foam core and cotton batting will give a firm feeling to the bolster and add to the longevity of use.

Yoga Bolster
Yoga Bolster


– Round profile creates soft support
– An exceptional staple for Restorative Yoga
– Exceptional firmness maintains
structural integrity
– Convenient handles on both ends
– Also available in printed fabrics
– Upholstery-grade fabrics are
durable and long lasting


Measurements (Cm):
59×21.5 cm

Weight: Buckwheat/Cotton
4.2 kg / 2 kg

Cotton Duck Canvas &
Dyed Cotton twill/Canvas

Yoga Bolster