Grip Trataka Stand

Product Description

The Trataka stand is a unique candle holder recommended for the convenient practice of trataka. The easy adjusting mechanism ensures that you can maintain the height of the candle flame at the horizontal eye level in every session quite easily.

Elegantly crafted out of Stainless Steel & Wooden both, it is designed to make your practice extremely convenient and enjoyable. While the minimalistic contours make the stainless steel design very appealing, the rounded edges make the tool safe to use and store. its own beauty to this wonderful tool for practicing concentration.

Grip Trataka Stand
Grip Trataka


– Decorative Wooden finish
– Pure Stainless Steel
– Premium Quality


Trataka keeps eyes healthy

Purifies the eyes, strengthens the eye muscles

Relieving nervous tension, anxiety, depression

Enhances self-confidence, patience, and willpower