Grip CSR

GRIP International is a celebrated name in the field of sculpture-supply
and one of the global players in this arena.

Ek Sankalp is an NGO that works under the livelihood program and devises a wide range of functional products out of scrapped items.

Grip International, in collaboration with Ek Sankalp, is among the foremost sculpture manufacturing enterprises in India.

In creating sculptures, Grip International utilizes several varieties of metals like brass, bronze, aluminum, copper, stainless steel, and mind steel.

Grip International is capable of manufacturing single-piece
sculptures of various heights as per the requirements.

Excellent finishing and affordable prices make their
metal sculptures popular and much adored.

Grip International is among one of the best manufacturers
and suppliers of metal sculptures.

Originality, authenticity, and the perfect amalgamation or ethnicity with innovation is the hallmark of Grip International.

If you are in the lookout for bona fide and unique pieces of art that display traditionalism with modern touches, you can rely on Grip International.

The bespoke metal sculptures are transported all over India and to international destinations as well on demand.