Grip Taekwondo Mats
  • Anti-Skid Textured
  • Extra Strong
  • Washable
  • Easy to Install
  • Durable Interlocks

Grip Taekwondo Mats

Product Description

Tusah World Taekwondo Mats (OCTAGON RING)
EVA Reversible jigsaw mats red/blue with
a pattern to reduce slip.

Fully reversible, supplied with edging.

Normal size
80cm X 80cm X 25mm
1 set (100 mats = 1 ring)


Kids Interlocking Mats



GRIP Taekwondo Arena

How many mats

Do I need?

Each mat has an area of 1 square meter
(or approx 10.76 square feet),
so for a space covering 100 square meters,
you would need 100 mats to cover it.

The textured micro-grid pattern is easy to
clean, making them the perfect new addition
to any gym or martial arts training space

Each jigsaw mat has a textured micro-grid pattern,
is 25mm x 1m x 1m and comes with
a four sided edging strip.

Changing your floor layout is simple with these
easily reversible mats – just flip them to switch
colors and create your own patterns and rings.