Grip Zabuton

Product Description

The Zabuton Pillow is the perfect companion to your Zafu, Heart-Shaped Cushion, and Meditation Bench.

This mini-futon cushions your knees and ankles for added comfort in seated and kneeling postures.

It is filled with cotton and covered in our signature upholstery-grade fabrics.


– Helps deepen stretches.
– Also available in printed fabrics
– Can Use in combination with cushion
– It can be used as Shoulderstand support.
– It comes with a convenient harness for carrying.
– Cushions knees and ankles during seated


Measurements (cm):
90x70x6 cm
80x70x7 cm
70x60x5 cm

Weight (kg):
2.75 kg
3.0 kg
2.2 kg

Cotton Sheeting
Dyed cotton twill/Canvas
with cotton filling