Having toddlers at home who wish to explore the entire floor with their digits? Are you running any martial arts training with small children? Training people on wrestling and other martial arts? Fond of kabaddi and wish to spend the entire time on the kabaddi ring? Then you should know about Interlocking mats and how best they can enhance your skill level by expanding your practice time.

About Interlocking Mats:

Interlocking mats line the entire floor surface with their soft and textured material and render a soft and safe place to explore and practice. They are easy to spread and their interlocking nature ensures that they stay in place no matter how hard you use them. The mats are available in different colors and patterns to meet the inherent needs of different kinds of users. These mats make use of high density foam in their fabrication and are thus very soft and extremely durable.

The interlocking mats are thus comfortable, soft, lightweight, and are strong to endure any force. Most of all they are available in vibrant colors and are highly affordable.

Why should you use interlocking mats?

  • An interlocking mat offers an elegant look to the floor area.
  • It serves as a hygienic surface and prevents leg fatigue even after prolonged standing.
  • They prevent slipping and falling.
  • They are easy to use without any adhesive, owing to their interlocking nature.
  • Their hard dense rubber withstands even the toughest of sports activities.
  • They are designed to line any room of any size and shape.
  • They are easy to carry, easy to clean and wash.
  • They are water-resistant and resists fungal growth as well.

Different types of Interlocking Mats:

  • Kid’s Room Interlocking Mats: These mats are made up of high density foam and are available in five colors. They are educational and have printed alphabets and numerals on them. They are 10-18 mm thick and are available in three sizes.
  • Karate Mats: These mats are made up of high density foam with a softcore to reduce strain and jerk during practice. It is available in red and blue colors in one square meter size.
  • Kabaddi Mats: The interlocking kabaddi mats are available in red, blue, yellow, and purple colors and offer a non-slippery surface for players to enjoy the game and simultaneously protect their body.

Best Interlocking Mats Manufactures in India:

All of the above-mentioned sports mats and kid’s mats are available at Grip International, the best Interlocking mats manufacturer in Delhi. They manufacture these mats with high-quality raw materials that are of federation standards so as to render a perfect practice and sports ground for the participant. They are available in different thicknesses and different sizes and are of interlocking patterns to be used easily. They are washable, easy to clean and dry, and are extra strong to stay durable for many years. Contact Grip International for your interlocking mat today.