GRIP Yoga Championship

Grip International is a leading name in the industry of yoga mats manufacturing and supplying. Apart from offering world-class yoga mats for the people, it also runs certain flagship programs to enhance the reach of the art to every nook and corner of the world. In this pursuit, Grip International conducts yoga retreat centers and yoga partner programs to influence people interested in yoga better. It also runs its grip academy to share yoga relevant information for its participants and also answers all the queries raised by them through their portal.

Grip Yoga Championship is a new venture of the Grip International that serves to combine all yoga experts and trainers to be a part of its yoga poses championship contest. Yes! It is a contest where you will be made popular in social media and will also be rewarded for being popular. Sounds interesting right, let us discuss the features of this program in detail.

About the Yoga Championship program:

To be a part of the yoga championship program you first have to register with the website. After registering, you should submit your daily poses and yoga videos, which will be posted directly on Grip’s official Facebook group. After the poses are posted, you should share your post among your friend’s list. The number of likes that you receive on the post, will decide the quantum of your rewards.

  • If your post gets 500 likes – You will get an explicit yoga mat from Grip International shipped at your address.
  • If you get 1000 likes – You will be rewarded with a Grip yoga mat which will be delivered at your address along with a cash reward of INR 500.
  • If your post gets 5000 likes – You will get a high-end astonishing Grip Yoga mat along with a cash reward of INR 2500.

All the winners of the Yoga Championship program will be decided based on the number of shares and like that they receive on their Facebook page. You will be informed of your rewards on your WhatsApp number or Email.

Objectives of the yoga championship program:

The Yoga championship program serves as an excellent platform for people to share their thoughts and vision about Yoga and their philosophies and content to create a positive impact among people in a presentable manner.

  • The first and foremost objective of conducting and organizing such contests is to identify the best talents in the art of Yoga.
  • Grip Yoga Championship program serves as a platform to achieve success in the profession
  • It serves as a platform to promote the right knowledge that has been acquired in the field of yoga.
  • This is also the right platform to promote the demonstration ability of the various poses in varying degrees and intensity.
  • This program will intensify and strengthen the leader within you as far as Yoga is concerned.
  • Since we are taking your yoga poses to social media, you will get world level attention and the chances of your poses getting viral in no time is also quite possible.

Eligibility to join the yoga Championship program.

  • The program is open for all people, male and female from any part of the country.
  • He or she can be of any age and be from any school, college, university, or institute.
  • The only prerequisite that we expect is their proficiency in Yoga and their skill in performing the various poses and asanas professionally.

Registration Procedure:

To register yourself for the Grip yoga championship program and to earn rewards, please follow these steps,

  • Visit the web page
  • Enter all your personal information such as Name, mobile number, Email, WhatsApp Number, and address with country state, city, and pin code.
  • Since all your poses will be posted on the Facebook page of Grip International, you should also feed your Facebook Profile link.
  • Enter your payment relevant details to aid Grip International to deposit the rewards.

Final words:

Grip International serves as an authentic platform that sponsors yoga mats to all its expert yoga trainers who are registered with its championship program. If you are an expert in Yoga and have the confidence to influence people with your expert poses and asanas, then join the Grip yoga championship program today. You will get a chance to influence people, enhance your reach and popularity, and earn rewards concurrently.